Vision of the college

The sisters of the Congregation of Immaculate Conception with the mission of reaching the poor and the downtrodden in love and simplicity in areas of education, health, social work and evangelization, started the institution with the vision “For God and Country” St.Justin’s College of Education in realization of its vision imparts knowledge, inculcates values, develops skills and such that the aspirants especially from the poor, needy and under privileged classes of society are turned out to be well trained, morally upright, socially committed, spiritually inspired and culturally rooted.

Mission of the college

The formation of teachers with values embarking on an adventurous and creative career of technologically modern and experientially research oriented to meet the emerging needs and challenges of our Nation.Though essentially a Christian institution, the college aims at inculcating spiritual values in line with the spiritual heritage of the Nation which is culturally deep rooted, morally upright, spiritually attuned and steer up the vibrant power of women youth specially culled out from the poor and underprivileged classes to meet the present day needs and challenges of the society. In short, the vision and mission of our institution is summed up in the motto “For God and Country”, as inscribed in the logo.

It is indeed a significant achievement to mention that over 3000 students have passed through the portals of this institution and have received able guidance and education to become very effective teachers in various educational institutions in India and abroad. In realizing the Vision, Justin’s College of Education imparts knowledge, develops skills and inculcates values in the following ways. The short account presents a global picture of how the College has flourished slowly from 1968 till now in many ways and thus it has crossed milestones of growth and development in all aspects. We are confident that this (our) College will turn into a College of excellence very soon FOR GOD & COUNTRY.

The College Emblem portrays a lamp stand in the India map lit by a lady. The map symbolically conveys the service rendered to the country. The lit lamp signifies the dispelling of dark ignorance among the masses. The hand that sets light to the lamp connotes the women student teachers who are molded to serve the country. The glowing light metaphorically stands for God, as student teachers are trained to serve with moral and spiritual vitality.In our institution preference has been given to poor students. 25 out of 98 students hailing from rural area and 43 economically weaker students out of 98 students have been admitted during the year 2007-08. (These economically weaker students were identified by their parents’ occupation and their annual slot between Rs. 12000/- to 15000/-)