Physical Education

Sports Meet - 10.01.2024

Physical Education 2022-2023

Sports and Games Classes

In the earliest months, the first-year students have sports and games periods all day in the last hour from 4 pm to 5 pm. In the earliest months, the first-year students have sports and games periods every day in the last hour from 4 pm to 5 pm. They played minor and major sports and games. The first 15 minutes, were a warm-up session. Next, they played recreational games like Ball passing relay, Zigzags relay, Foot cricket, Volley cricket, and Log & key. Finally 30 minutes, they played major games. Our students played Indoor games and Outdoor games. Indoor games are Chess, Carom, and Shuttle. The outdoor games are Kho-kho, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Ball badminton, Throw ball, and Handball, In the timetable, first-year and second-year students have a Sports and Games period Monday and Thursday’s last hour.


On June 21st, 2023, St. Justin’s college of Education celebrated the 9th International Yoga Day with great enthusiasm. To raise awareness about this ancient practice and to celebrate the physical and spiritual prowess that yoga has brought to the world. Yoga is a practice which plays an important role in relaxing the mind and body and boosting people’s immune system. It was attended by First and second year students. Warm up exercises were taken and all the students practiced & performed sitting and standing asanas, importance of these were explained simultaneously. Rev.Dr.A.Mary Delphine, Principal explained the importance of breath in meditation. She encouraged the students to practice Yoga and meditation on a regular basis for a healthy body and mind. The function ended with success. The function was organized by Physical director Dr. Retempta Nishanthini.


Aringar Anna Marathon was held in Madurai on Saturday 07.10.2023 to promote physical fitness among youth. The marathon started at Race course at 7.00am. The distance to be covered for female participants was 5 k.m . Our colleges B.ED I and II year students were participated in this marathon.

Monday Flag Hoisting

Every Monday our college teacher hoists the flag in the seniority order. Everybody salute the flag, oath taking and all sang the Flag song. After that, the teacher delivered a speech. finally, we sang the National Anthem.

Intercollegiate Sports Meet

Our college students are divided into two groups. There are first-year students in one group and second-year students in another group. The following competitions were conducted for both groups. They were allowed to participate in any games. In athletics, they have participated in any 3 events. Our college directed the intramural competition on 02.05.2023. The following sports events were conducted. In Game, There are KhoKho, Throwball and Chess. In athletics, There are 100 Mts Run, 200 Mts Run, 400 Mts Run, 1500 Mts Run, Shot Put, Discus Throw, Javelin Throw. All the students were participated in any one of the game with enthusiasm.The prizes were distributed on 2.06.2023 at the Annual Day function.

Republic Day

We celebrated Republic Day 2023 on 26.02.2023 in the morning. our college chief guest was Rev. Sr. Fatima Antony of retired professor at Fathima College of Arts and Science, Madurai. She hoists the flag and delivers the chief guest’s Address.We distributed the sweat to all the staff and student teachers.

Awards for Winners

Prizes were distributed to the winners in the competitions on 2nd June during the 52nd College Day byMr . BOOMINATHAN , MLA , Madurai South Constituency, and Member of Legislative Assembly and who was the Chief Guest for the College Day.