St. Paul’s Hostel Facilities

St.Paul’s Hostel is situated at St.Justin’s College of Education campus. The hostel consists of two blocks with two storied building. Both the blocks together can accommodate 100 students. The hostel rooms are comfortably furnished and make for a good home away from home. It also gives the students an opportunity to make friends and get acquainted with the campus and its facilities. In this kind of accommodation they have cots, fans, lights, 20 bathrooms and 28 toilets and keep sump, which provides copious amount of water. Along with this each floor of both the blocks in provided with bathrooms and toilets.

The students can access to TV room with tape recorder CD player and other leisure sport activities within the hostel premises. The other miscellaneous facilities that the hostel consist telephone booth, stationary facilities, sickroom, essential medicines and grievance box. The total area of the hostel is 476.02 sq.mts. It also consists of overhead water tank and pavements are furnished with cement block.

It offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. The hostel mess operates on “no profit no loss” basis and caters to the taste of the students from all regions. The mess is equipped with excellent furniture, purified chilled water. It also provides with steam cooking facilities and fueled through gas.

At present there are 37 students on roll. The hostel warden also arranges to have spiritual classes every day (prayer) and counseling session periodically. This hostel is privileged to help the economically weaker students. Second Sunday of every month parents can visit ward along which there is personal meeting conducted with the warden.