On 29.11.2019, the Tamil department of our college celebrated their” Tamil Day”. In that day Tamil department converted as “Archeological Department”. They started the program with welcome dance. Then they performed Kumbi Dance and Dramatic Dance of Manimegalai Epic. After that they exhibited the excavation of Adichanallur, Arikamedu and Keeladi. It gave the clear observation on ancient Tamil culture and civilization. They also revealed semiprecious gems, beads, glass, potteries and shell bangles


To encourage the excellence in language art skills and communication, English department arranged exhibition named as “Limely Land “on November 8, 2019. In that expo, the English students made us to visit England. In that exhibition the following things were displayed.
a) Hogwards castle
b) Portobello Market
c) Green grocer
d) Chez Michele
e) Allen solly
f) London Bridge
Also the students conducted the games for the staff members as well as students. Next in Globe Theater, they sung a beautiful song. Also literary parade was take place .the students gave the refreshment for the viewers. Thus the day came to an end with great success.


The Mathematics department of our college organized a Mathematics Exhibition on 26.11.2019. The students from mathematics department put forth intriguing models, activities and games that beautifully revealed the notion that mathematics is the language with which God has written this universe. Multifarious models like satellite model, coin sorting machine, Hydraulic lift, Quad copter, Giant wheel were captivating and raised one’s curiosity. The Mathematics Exhibition helped the Mathematics Department students to exhibit their raw and innate talents.


On the occasion of the birthday of the greatest person, Dr.A.P.JAbudlkalam, the physical science and biological science department ofSt. Justin’scollege of Education celebrated Science Day namely “Justo Chandrayan” on October 15, 2019. The students arranged the exhibition based on Chandrayan 1 and 2. The exhibition initiated by the principal followed by staff members and students. The viewers visited the exhibition. The students explained about the history and achievements of ISRO and DRDO. Also clearly they explained about the satellite and its parts. Finally they conducted the quiz program based on chandrayan.


On the 31st Sep 2016, the History Department conducted Exhibition and was titled as APARANTA. This exhibition was led by Sr. Marthal, Assistant Professor in History, along with the respective major students. The main aim of this exhibition was importance of social science and a journey towards the past. It showcased charts, models, coin collections, cultural symbols, Buddha tree, glass paintings, utensil of the past and so on. This exhibition was indeed very informative and refreshed our past.


To exhibit the acting talents of our student teachers, the college arranged the Drama Day on 23.11.2019. The various forms of drama were allotted for every major. They were as follows,

Major Genre
Tamil Dancing Drama
English Tragic Comedy
Mathematics Traditional Drama
Physical Science Comedy
Biological Science Skit
Commerce Role Play
Computer Science Street Play

This programme helped the student teachers to nurture and build their sensitivities towards the social problems around them. Also it helped to gain experience, emotions and interpretation towards the current need of the society. Every student extrapolate their acting Excellency and participated actively that will help them to utilize it in future for them.


Through dance, students learn team work, focus and improvisational skills. Dance awakens new perceptions in students which help them learn and think in new ways. Students need to express and communicate their ideas and to be given the opportunity to make creative decisions, even at a young stage. This decisions making promotes self-esteem and independent thinking of students. So, our Justin’s college provided the opportunity to the teachers to explore their talents in dancing on 21.09.2019 at 2.00 pm. The various forms of dance were allotted for every major as follows.

Major Dance
Tamil Western
Computer Science Western
Bio Science Western
Physical Science Folk
Commerce Folk
Mathematics Classical
English Classical

The different groups were performed in stage what they practiced. Sr. Principal was given her feedback. All the 96 students were participated in dance day. Thus the day comes to an end.

The practical implementation of ideas that results in the introduction of new methods, ideas that enables the students to learn from something novelty that promotes interest and enables curiosity.

Objectives of Innovation:


To enhance the use of cognitive skills.


To enable critical thinking that aims predictable and quickly obtainable improvement.


To encourage students and teachers to research, explore something new.


To improve students learning outcome.


To enable students to reflect on experiences of creativity and innovation in education.


To raise the confidence level and broaden knowledge in adopting different techniques.

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