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Justo Euphoria 2024

Justo Euphoria 2023

The college makes an effort to help students develop their personalities through the fine arts competitions. By holding college-level competitions, it gives student instructors the chance to showcase their talents.The Fine Arts Competitions for this year took place on May 3 and 4, 2023. The Fine Arts Combo for this year began on May 3, 2023, at 9:30 a.m. with our college principal, Rev. Dr. Sr. A. Mary Delphine.

We held a number of competitions, with the winners being presented at the conclusion of each episode, including Rangoli, Turncoat, Solo Song, Connection, Ad Act, Short Film, Digital Teaching Aids, Group Dance, Street Play and Miss Justin’s. Our student’s distinctive and vivid talents were on display in the fine arts combo. Prizes were announced by our College Principal on May 4, 2023, at 4 p.m.
Prizes were awarded to the winners on 2nd June during the 52nd College Day by Mr. Boominathan, MLA , Madurai South Constituency and Member of Legislative Assembly who was the Chief Guest of the College Day.

2020-2021 REPORT

Terms have been ended and begun, seasons have turned, a year is almost over, the Novel corona Virus is not novel anywhere and the world is tired. Through all this the students and the teaching fraternity have plodded on trying to make sense of this so called new normal. Resonant 2019-20,as in previous years carries our expressions,voices and records of our achievements. The period of corona pandemic lockdown has stressful for all stakeholders but adversity has also led to new learning and opportunities. Our students and teachers participated in and conducted webinars, online workshop, and e- quiz programs. We have learnt to integrate all our activities to the online platform.Resonant this year carries memories and records of all these activities.

The world record Event titled “Longest Virtual seminar on the Role of teachers towards pinnacle of Achievement “made by TNTEU on 4-6-21 by 27 educational Institutions which are affiliated to TNTEU ,Chennai for 30 continuous hours and 30 minutes on 27 different subtitles to create a world record event by signifying the important role of teachers . The live telecast was rendered by Tamil America Channels. This program commenced on 4th June at 9.30 a.m. to and ended on 5th June 4 p.m. This world record event was executed by the student teachers and Teacher Educators in Tamil Language through Google Meet platform. Our M.Ed. students are participated in this Event.


Fine arts committee is functioning enthusiastically in this academic year 2019-2020 .All the Fine Arts Committee Staff members met and discussed about this year Fine arts Programmes on 12.07.2019.Union Leader Election was conducted on03.09.2019.for this academic year 2019-2020.Ms.E.Helena from Tamil Department was elected as the Fine arts Leader and M.Mutheeswari from Tamil Department was elected as the Fine Arts Assistant Leader.Our students participated in various competitions and awareness programmes arranged by Government and Non-Government Organizations in and around Madurai District.

Government of India has decided to commemorate the 150th birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. On account of Gandhi Memorial Day District Level Literary Competition was organized by Ulaga Tamil Peravaion 03.09.2019. Twenty student teachers were participated in college level competitions. From these students threestudent teachers were selected fromEach and they were participated in District level competition. All of them got cash award five hundred rupees.

Madurai Kamaraj University Conducted Gandhian Thought Examination. Three of our students got University Level rank and awarded with cash prizes. Mrs.V.Abinaya got First rank, S.SahayaJesmine got second rank and Mrs. I.Anish Fatima got third rank and awarded with 3000 rupees,2000 rupees and 1000 rupees respectively.CSI College of Education Organised Young Dhronacharya Award 2019 on 15.10.2019.Four students from our college were participated Miss.G.Grace from Mathematics Department got Best Dhronacharya Award 2019.

Charles College of Education,Madurai conducted State Level cultural fest on 20.11.2019.Thirteen students from our college were participated in nine different competitions.Miss.M.Geetha and Miss.AIswaryagot I prize in Quiz competition Miss.I.InfantJerin got II prize in Photography,Miss.S.Pandeeswari got II prize in Cooking without fire, S.Infanta and B.NoorulAyishagot III prize in face painting and A.Jenifer got III prize in Vegetable Carving.